"Buckley" Airgun Details & Pictures

Show casing the making of the airgun I designed using Buckley's reservoir design as a base.

March 28 - 2009

This past week I outsourced the 1.0" and 5/8 bore to a local machine shop. It set me back a few dollars, but it is okay. If/when I build more airguns I will invest in my own tooling. I am only showing one rifle in the pictures, but there are duplicate parts. I didn't have the time or means to bore 6" deep. The handles have been milled to 0.625". Received the female quick coupler for the bottle, had to buy a set. Ordered 5/8 brass rod for the probes. I bought all the stainless set screws and screws for these two rifles. I have been thinking about the bottle adaptor. Think a steel part for prototyping will be the way I go. To be followed with brass or stainless once the design is sound and everything fits properly.