My Start Into Airguns

When I was fourteen I bought one of my first air rifles. I still have an old Vostok that I plinked when I was a little older. It still shoots but the seal is worn. Rifle is built very well and survived a house fire in 1998. After completing school I moved on and left airguns, and rifles in general behind.



After years of not owning an airgun I thought it would be an idea to purchase one; living in an area with a lot of open space made easier to go shooting. After some initial research, I bought a Beeman 1040, a Canadian Tire (chain store in Canada) version. I got the rifle home I was very dissappointed in the accuracy and quality. I thought Beemans where made in Spain but turns out this version was made in China. This was my first new air rifle in 15 years. I decided to see what modifcations to spring air rifles were available online. I was amazed at how far air rifles have come. After finding numerous ideas on modifying springers, I stumbled upon PCP (precharged pneumatic) rifles. I spent the next few nights reading everything I could find out about PCP rifles. Through all the online content I came across Barnes Pneumatic airguns. I didn't know you could build your own. That sold me on attempting to make my own rifles.



Beeman 1040 Modications

Crosman 2200 Magnum Conversion

I wanted to learn about PCP rifles and how the valves worked. Someone online suggested I purchase a pump pneumatic rifle. That led to the purchase of a  Crosman 2200 pump rifle. The airgun served the purpose and I then got the idea of adding a small reservoir to it. Click the link below to see what I did.

Modified 2200